What do we do?

What do we do?

Refugees get into Netherlands dealing with a lengthy judicial process, other customs and habits and often also with incomprehension. In these difficult circumstances, they try to stay ' alive '. It is important, therefore, that there are people to these refugees stand around.

Mai Mi Bath withdraws the fate of refugees and makes no distinction between refugees with license, without a permit and those who are still ' in procedure '.

What do we do

  • At legal refugees assist focuses on their integration. We accompany them for example with writing cover letters, working on a good communication skills and we mediate to work.
  • Refugees who are awaiting a ruling often get help with following up on their request. If possible, in the mean time, we provided leefgeld, shelter arranged medical care accessible and we support calls.
  • Refugees without status, we help when submitting a new application for asylum and we explore together with them other options such as, for example, return. In practice, this means also support if these refugees problems due to their illegal status (fining, arrested, penalty imposed).

MMB works closely with a network of lawyers, debt workers, doctors, civic integration pathways, the food and clothing bank, youth care etc.