What can you do?

What can you do?

Mai Mi Bath provides support to refugees. We are a non-profit foundation and receive no subsidy. We are therefore entirely dependent on donations from third parties. Where you Mai Mi Bath and thus of course refugees would help tremendously, with a monetary donation.

Become a donor and be directly involved in refugee assistance
Structurally to support our work, you can transfer a fixed amount per quarter or month. You will receive the newsletter to be informed of the work of MaiMibath, but also to directly can help and be involved.

Refugee agency Foundation Mai Mi Bath.

Help refugees in Wageningen
Except donate money, there are other opportunities to make easier the lives of the refugees:

What can you do

  • For example, has time and desire to teach Dutch?
  • Are you psychologist or physician and are you willing to give a free consultation?
  • Do you have a room in the House that you want to be available to a refugee?
  • For example, you have been saving for a free groceries at a supermarket and would you make someone else happy with it?

In all these cases, you can contact us. We can then together how we can offer the best support the refugee.