State of affairs in the Office

Dear Readers,

Here you will find a report With the content: the goings on the office of Mai Mi Bath.

First of all, we thank you for the support we received last year without your support, we would not be able to do this work. We hope to count on you again next year.

We put our traditional Christmas collection back in and start it in second week of November. The Reformed Church and the primary school De Bijenkorf from Wageningen will help us with the collection of products.

The child pardon has adopted firmer forms, however, not all our clients have received a positive decision. For them we have initiated a procedure objection to the decision. Some of our clients are eligible for this, however, with costs 164.00 euro/per person.

We are also more concerned with teaching how to apply and make a resume. We Notice that there are always people outside the boat. We keep information about vacancies that are open and try to link our clients.

The preparation of our traditional Christmas collection has begun again we hope you will support us again, the primary school De Bijenkorf wants to assist us with this meaningful action.

If you are interested to visit us, welcome to the Buurtseweg 3H 6707 EZ Wageningen just give a call to meet 0317-427518. or 06-30527236

Sincerely, Leo Kleijn