Mai Mi Bath (MMB) is a refugee organization in Wageningen. MMB supports refugees with permit, refugees without a permit and refugees still in procedure.

MMB can appeal to a number of professionals at a (very) limited compensation to provide their services, such as legal and financial advice and support with regard to social security and social services.

What does Mai Mi Bath do?

Every year, the annual report of Mai Mi Bath on the page ' Who are we? ' gives a picture of what Mai Mi Bath, led by Leo, reaches for refugees in Wageningen. Show your appreciation for the work of Mai Mi Bath. Donate a gift: NL47 RABO 0148 1549 72 T.N.V. Foundation Refugee organization ...

Office moved (internal)

Our Office has moved internally. In the same building we are now at number 3H. Even at a cheaper rental price and with more space. Would you Like to come and see us? You are welcome at the Buurtseweg 3H, 6707 EZ, Wageningen Give a call to meet 0317-427 518.

Litigate and still apply

The Child Pardon has adopted firmer forms, but not yet as we wish. There will be a lot of litigation. Some of our clients are eligible for this, but this entails considerable costs (€164.00 per person). While This runs, clients are prepared to start functioning in society. That's Why We teach our clients how to apply ...