Mai Mi Bath (MMB) is a refugee organization in Wageningen. MMB supports refugees with permit, refugees without a permit and refugees still in procedure.

MMB can appeal to a number of professionals at a (very) limited compensation to provide their services, such as legal and financial advice and support with regard to social security and social services.

Annual report 2018: a busy and encouraging year!

Mai Mi Bath annually brings a report on the work being done and is responsible for how the money is spent. Click here to view the annual report 2018 MMB. In 2018, 20 files were handled and people from Angola, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Vietnam, Congo-Brazzaville and Myanmar.

State of affairs in the Office

Dear Livers, Here you will find a report with the contents: the Reiling and sailing at the office of Mai Mi Bath.

Christmas Package for a fugitive

For many Dutch people, the month of December is a month of food, drink and conviviality. Many people get their employer a Christmas package as a token of appreciation. In the case of two verdieners, many families even get two.