Daily archives: 10 March 2020

Updates from Mai Mi Bath

Dear person involved. For you lies the first newsletter of 20 20.As Mai Mi Bath we look back on a busy year in which we have been able to mean a lot to many clients. In the 2019 annual report you can consult a full overview. Furthermore, in this newsletter some examples of our work […]

Two examples of our day-to-day work

Mai Mi Bath is involved in the guidance of refugees with a permit, refugees without a permit and refugees who are still in procedure. An example of the result of our work is a client who has received her residence permit after a 25-year stay in the Netherlands. Mai Mi Bath has played a role […]

Grateful for the many Christmas packages

Mai Mi Bath looks back with gratitude on last December's Christmas packages campaign. Thanks to the help of many individuals, organizations, schools and churches, it was a great success. During a pleasant meeting we were able to put together a total of 25 packages with food, vouchers and a financial contribution in the form of […]

Annual report 2019: a year in which we could be serviceable in various ways.

Mai Mi Bath reports annually on the work that is done and which justifies how the money is spent. Click here to view Mai Mi Bath's annual report for 2019. In 2019, 24 cases were dealt with and people from Angola, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Vietnam, Congo-Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa were dealt with.